Customer Installation Instructions

If you have opted to fix the connection problem yourself rather than sending your Braun blood pressure monitor to us, please follow these instructions.
To start: you’ll need to access a temporary smartphone/tablet which is not currently running the Android 8 (Oreo) or Android 7 (Nougat) operating system. This could be an older Android device using an older Android system (down to 4.3) or an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
Complete the following steps:
  1. On your temporary smartphone/tablet, install the Braun Healthy Heart APP by downloading it from Google Play or App store. Make sure it’s version 2.1.2

  2. Launch the APP, accept Conditions of Use and enter User Profile.

  3. Follow instructions to connect your Braun blood pressure monitor to the temporary smartphone/tablet

  4. After connecting, any blood pressure readings that you had in your Braun blood pressure monitor device will be downloaded to the temporary smartphone/tablet

  5. Next, you need to update the Firmware. Before this stage, we recommend you send your blood pressure data to yourself by email from the temporary device, to ensure you have back up; the same applies if more than one person has been sharing your Braun blood pressure monitor.

  6. To update Firmware: Braun Healthy Heart APP, select More Menu/Add/Remove Device, select the Braun blood pressure monitor you have just connected. Select Update Firmware. The process will take about 5 minutes. Your Braun Blood Pressure Monitor now has the updated Firmware

  7. When the Firmware update is complete, ignore the Pairing message.

  8. Set aside the temporary smartphone/tablet.

  9. Now connect your updated Braun device with your own smartphone/tablet. Download the new Braun Healthy Heart APP on your own Android smartphone (download from Google Play). Make sure it’s version 2.1.2

  10. On your own Android smartphone/tablet, go the More Menu/ Add/Remove Braun blood pressure monitor device. Tap on Add Device and select iCheck® 7 or ActivScan 9. Follow the steps to connect your updated BPM device with your own Android smartphone.

  11. Your updated Braun blood pressure monitor device should now pair correctly with your own Android smartphone/tablet.

Note: the Firmware update process will delete any readings you had previously saved on your own smartphone/tablet, so this is why it is important for you to retain data when transferring it to the temporary smartphone/tablet (see Section 5 on the Instructions). You can therefore manually re-input data in the Braun Healthy Heart APP on your own Android smartphone/tablet, once the new Firmware is installed.