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Hypertension, is it really a big deal?
YES Hypertension concerns 20% of the developed world’s population and is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, which leads to 45% of the western word mortality.

I don’t have any symptoms, should I care?
YES Hypertension is commonly referred to as “the silent killer”, as there are no real symptoms. For this reason you should have your blood pressure checked regularly as there are ways to prevent it developing.

Am I too young to care?

NO Hypertension can result from many other factors than age. Weight, smoking, high alcohol consumption, limited physical activity or genetic predisposition are all factors that put people at risk at any age.

I check my blood pressure at my doctor or my pharmacist, isn’t it enough?

NO Because of the so called “white coat effect” your blood pressure can be very different at your doctor’s or pharmacist’s than your regular blood pressure. That is why you need to monitor your blood pressure at home with a device developed for home usage and approved by at least one of the official authorities (ESH, BSH, AAMI) like the new ExactFit™ from Braun.

My blood pressure is never the same when I measure it. Am I taking measurements incorrectly or is the device wrong?
NO Blood Pressure fluctuates during the day, therefore:

  • 2 measurements taken one after the other will be different.
  • Average taken over multiple readings is more relevant than a single measurement. Therefore several measurements are necessary.
Daily exemplary blood pressure graph - FAQ

Some external elements can influence your blood pressure level:

  • Stress
  • Physical activities
  • Emotional status
  • Time of the day
  • Consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea
  • Smoking
  • Breathing cycle
  • Etc.

You may be placing the device on the arm incorrectly.

  • Please check you have placed the cable on the palm side.
  • Please check you have positioned it at heart level
  • Please check the cuff was not too tight or too loose

Can I be sure of the accuracy of my device?
YES if you follow the guidance below:

  • Only buy devices that clinically certified (ESH / BSH / AAMI certifications)
  • Be sure you always take measurement in the recommended conditions (cf OM)
  • When you go to the doctor take your BPM with you and compare their readings with yours. Check with them that you are using it correctly.
  • Continue to repeat these checks regularly with your doctor once the 2 year guarantee period is over.

Can you provide me with a definition of ESH / BSH and AAMI?

  • ESH: European Society of Hypertension (EU)
  • BSH: British Society of Hypertension (UK)
  • AAMI: Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (USA)

For a BPM to be considered as accurate, it must be subjected to formal validation protocols by independent investigators. The 3 bodies stated above are the 3 most widely accepted and recognised.

Can you explain what the Irregular Heartbeat function is for? (ExactFit™ 5 only)
YES The appearance of the Irregular Heartbeat symbol after measurement signifies that a certain pulse irregularity was detected during the measurement. Talking, moving, shaking or an irregular pulse during the measurement can result in the appearance of this icon. Usually this is not a cause for concern, however if the symbol appears often, we recommend you seek medical advice. The device does not replace a cardiac examination.

Can you tell me what the Morning Hypertension detection function does?
YES Morning hypertension is a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the morning and controlled levels throughout the day. Heart attacks and stroke usually occur in the morning because of morning hypertension, so it is important to detect it. Also treatment for morning hypertension differs from treatments for other types of high blood pressure.

Is it important to choose the right cuff to put on the arm?
YES For accurate measurement, it is important to choose the correct size cuff which best fits your upper arm. Choose the cuff size according to your arm circumference and make sure the bottom of the cuff is 2~3cm above your elbow. With the BP6000 range we provide 2 cuff sizes with each product:

  • Small/Medium Cuff = 22~32cm arm circumference
  • Large/XLarge Cuff = 32~42cm arm circumference

Is it important my device has a WHO indicator?
YES This device has a blood pressure level indicator established according to WHO and the European Hypertension Society Guidelines (ESH) in 2007. For every measurement displayed on the screen, the cursor will indicate the blood pressure level with the corresponding color code, from green to red. You can use this classification daily to guide you to understand your blood pressure level. If you are really concerned by the classification level, you should consult your doctor.

Can you explain what a normal blood pressure level looks like?

Blood pressure (mmHg)Too lowNormal valuesGrade 1 mild hypertensionGrade 2 moderate hypertensionGrade 3 severe hypertension
SYS = systole (upper value)below 100up to 134135-159160-179≥180
DIA = diastole (lower value)below 60up to 8485-99100-109≥110