Tips to control your blood pressure

Take a deep breath and unwind

There is a proven relation between hypertension and frequent stress or lack of sleep. Try yoga or regular naps to help lower stress and improve blood pressure.

Raise your heart beat with regular exercise

Becoming more active and taking regular exercise (aim for 30 minutes a day) can lower blood pressure and will help maintain a healthy weight. Any aerobic activity which raises your heart beat will help; simply take the stairs, walk to he next bus stop or go for a swim or jog.

Add a few healthy extras to your diet

Making a few changes to your diet can help lower blood pressure. Studies show salt can increase blood pressure so try reducing your intake and experiment with herbs and spices instead. Also, try including more garlic, sunflower seeds, bananas and fish high in Omega-3, all of which have been proven to have a positive effect on high blood pressure.

Reward yourself with the occasional treat

You can still treat yourself when trying to lower blood pressure, just do it in moderation. Eating small amounts of dark chocolate regularly has even been proven to reduce high blood pressure!